Our Model

Evolution and growth are essential to a vibrant industry. Traditional Indian crafts have lasted this far because of their intrinsic strength to adapt. Yet they face the threat of stagnation and irrelevance.

Marketing Support

Bhavishya main thrust is providing marketing opportunities for artisans. Bhavishya has emerged as a source of marketing expertise, rooted in a sensitive understanding of the past and the changing needs of consumers. The marketing support is provided through, training and demonstration of technology, design intervention, product development and diversification.

Small format thematic exhibitions and large format craft bazaars are the theme of Bhavishya's marketing intervention.


Bhavishya model is the Circle of Life or 360 Degree Development Model. Built around the life of a artisans, the model includes the best possible support to reach the wider market and financial funding for artisans livelihood.


All of this would not have been possible without the support of our Sponsors.