The importance of volunteers at Bhavishya goes beyond the support they provide to teachers and staff, because they become the windows to the world for our children. Indian and international volunteers of all ages, backgrounds and skills are welcome to spend time with our children, providing them with invaluable exposure and life experiences. There is ample opportunity to volunteer your time as remedial teachers, teacher aids, office support staff and in fields as diverse as language, music, arts and sports.

Support and Host an Event

You can join the revolution for equal education at Bhavishya by hosting or supporting an event that will help raise funds for us to ensure the continuity of our program and spread the word about Bhavishya. We do our best to make learning fun and engaging at our schools, but you can help us take our program to the next level by sponsoring a field trip, a special meal or raising funds through different channels. We are always open to exciting new ideas for fund-raising events and platforms for us to share our story with the world.

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