Indian Handicrafts
Supporting rural artisian and helping them sell the handicrafts

The skills of Indian artisan has served the need of many. They had spend civilisation, nation and millennia adapting to changing materials, technology and needs. India's crafts are both timeless and contemporary, rural and urban, simple and oneath. Art styles abound in every region embellishing, ceremonies, festivals, walls and wedding beds. A living heritage shapes the landscape of cultures. For competitive Marketing of handicraft products government is making considerable efforts for the up-gradation of the handicraft sector by providing permanent haat in different part of country.But there are still lot to do in order to provide livelihood of large number of artisans from all over the country and this is our initiative to provide such platform. Read more

Our objectives are
To help ensure sustainable livelihoods through crafts.
To help ensure growth for artisans and their families through opportunities for education and training.
To help bring technology, design, marketing and entrepreneurial skills for self-reliance within changing markets at home and abroad.
To promote research and documentation that can help conserve tradition and provide resources for future development.
To advocate the critical importance of artisans and their crafts to the nation’s social, economic, cultural and environmental well-being.