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1. About the Project

Bhavishya has identified a group of rural underprivileged women in Bihar to develop a rural income-generation programme in the remote villages of East Champaran Bihar, with a special focus on women. Bhavishya observed the different skill levels of the women and decided to help these women to create a permanent source of income. It will help form self help groups to create self sustainable model. It will provide the group with initial funding and help them to setup a production centre.

Bhavishya is organising a workshops for these two groups of women having 18 and 19 women in each group on traditional embroidery, contemporary design, and product development training with the assistance of designers from NIFT and other external consultants. Skill development workshop covers how to generate different motifs, colour combinations, design and transfer of design on fabric, embroidery, and product development.

2. Location and period of the workshop

The training workshop is to be held at Kotawa village in East Champaran Bihar. A long from Monday 11st to Friday 15th December 2017.

Two designer from NIFT are assisting to design and execute the training program.

3. Financials

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