Career/Personal Integration for Indian Women in Germany!

Prepare Your Job-Hunt Strategies

Bhavishya e,V. is organizing this workshop to prepare your job-hunt strategies. We as following spouse face difficulty and lack of proper guidance to establish our career in new job market. Strategic planning for 'How to update CV, where/how to fill application, how to crack interview' etc are needed. Bhavishya together with experts in German job market Britta Mues-Walter founder of Muss-Walter Executive Search, Fernanda Alvarez Founder of International Spouse Network and Carolina Yeo founder of 'My Career My Child' organizing this workshop for we women who is looking to enter into German job market.

Limited seating ..reserve your seat now!
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Date: 11th September 2019
Fee: 50 euros
Saalbau Gallus - Club room 5

For any information and query related to the workshop send us an email!

Bhavishya Creative Crafts Workshop : Paper Quilling

Bhavishya is organizing fun filled, intellectually stimulating and exciting summer Workshop of Art and Craft. There's an artist inside everyone. At our workshop for kids and adult, we help them be themselves. Let them be free and express through the medium of Art. We encourage them to translate their thought into the art form.

Our previous workshops for kids and adults has been great success. Our Crafts Workshops use easy, creative activities to help you relax, de-stress. So if you want to experience the power of creativtiy, come along to our workshops, learn a new skill and have some fun!

We have planned two parallel groups for adults and kids. Enroll yourself and your kid and let them put on their thinking caps and tickle their creative side as they shall play.

We have kept a very small fee of 10euro and all the crafts materials and light refreshment which we will provide during the workshop.

Kids Summer Paintings Workshop


Self transformation through visual Art

Workshop Description :

Do you think that your life is a little too monotonous and functional? Is there a feeling of profound lack of purpose and meaning in it?

A higher purpose is the primary motivator in our life, a reason to stay engaged in life. Without it we are just a leaf blowing in the wind and we'll just crumble away to the storms of life.

You may realize it or not, but you were born with great gifts and talents. How do you use them for yourself and the good of others is the story of your life. Will you reach your potential in this story? Let’s see what you can do to unleash it!​

Join us for fun insightful workshop "Self Transformation through Visual Art".

This has exactly what you need, to activate your brain, create a fun, beautiful artwork, and transform your life to something meaningful .

This is a 4 hours workshop where you will :

1.Experience a state of clarity for an aspect of your life situation
2. Unleash your creativity
3. Release inner obstacles
4. Reveal hidden potentials

To have a vision is a concrete representation of your desires and aspirations for a compelling life. They are fun to create and can serve as an invaluable tool to motivate and inspire you towards concrete daily action in pursuit of your biggest and most important life goals.

Do not miss this unique, original and meaningful opportunity to transform the way you see yourself in the future.