Assam and Bihar Floods – Urgent Appeal for Help!

Dear All,

As most of us are aware, The incessant rains in last few days have caused heavy flooding in Assam and Bihar. This has led the lives of lakhs of people to come to a standstill. As of July 30, in Assam, over 35 lakh people are impacted in 28 districts and 27 lakh people are hit in 12 districts of Bihar. The devastating floods have claimed more than 80 lives in both the states. Several roads, bridges, embankment, schools, and other public infrastructure are badly damaged and communication and transportation are interrupted in many places.

This email is an appeal to fund the efforts of organizations that are involved in rescue and relief operations in both the states. Your donations will be utilized for buying food, medicines and other utilities and covering for transportation and communication expenses. NGOs where we personally know some of the people involved are:

1) Save The Children: In India and around the world, Save the Children is on the ground – every day and in times of crisis. Save the Children’s teams are on the ground and are mobilising relief to the worst-affected and most vulnerable families. We have identified the following immediate needs of affected children and their families and have planned our relief distribution accordingly. For transferring funds online please visit,

2) Rapid Response: Rapid Response is an award winning organisation, providing disaster relief and rehabilitation services across India. As a disaster relief agency, they help people to survive and rebuild their lives through food, medical, education, shelter and livelihood programs. Their most recent interventions in Uttarakhand, Jammu Kashmir and Tamilnadu has impacted thousands of lives! All donations to Rapid Response are 50% tax exempt under sec 80G. To donate fund online please find below the bank detail
Account Name: Rapid Response
Account Number: 50200002115108
IFSC Code: HDFC0001038
Bank: HDFC Bank
Branch: Avadi.
Bank Address: No: 369, Kamaraj Nagar,
Avadi, Chennai - 600 071, Tamilnadu, India.

Thank you so much for your support and generosity.

With Love & Respect,
Bhavishya Team