The famous Bagh Print of Madhya Pradesh an origin of Bagh Caves. The locals, mainly the Khatri Community go through a painstakingly long process to create beautiful handcrafted fabrics with Bagh Prints.

The muted beauty of Bagh prints, Bhopal’s zari-encrusted batuas that whisper tales of Nawabi lifestyle and exotic tribal jewellery come together in a unique collage of creativity at Mrignayanee’s exhibition of handlooms and handicrafts from Madhya Pradesh.

The visiting artisans not only narrate the craft processes but the stories behind their craft, the origin, myths, and history.

State awardee Dinesh Mahajan of Betul makes eye-catching dhokra artefacts.

Though Dinesh does not belong to the tribal community, his six-month training under the MP Hastakala Shilp Nigam has led him to master the art. “It is a laborious craft” says Dinesh.


Gond artists Sanjay Kumar Paraste and Kailash Pradhan of Pratapgarh bring to life an amazing range of animals and birds through their stylised and abstract art.

Bhopal batuas, clutches and handbags in velvet and worked intricately with resham ‘surahi’ and dholak embroidery and covered with pearls and kasab work glitter at the exhibition.

Also on view is the textile wealth of the State.