Enterprise Development
Funding micro and small businesses with access to markets

Imagine an India where over 423 million people of working age are unemployed

Small businesses are the engines of job growth in any developing economy. There are 26 million small enterprises in India, employing over 60 million. Yet only about 5% of these enterprises have access to the capital they require. Another issue is poor marketing, result in lower price for the products and consequently, lesser income for the craftsmen / artisans.The market for finished rural products is vast. Several national as well as international organisations are keen on buying such products. Well-established market linkages are the need of the hour.

Bhavishya works with a number of social businesses, NGOs and supply chain networks to fund micro-entrepreneurs engaged in processing, manufacturing, artisan and handmade products that not only increases the entrepreneur’s income but also enables job creation and access to essential services. Bhavishya one of significant role is to provide linkage to national as well as international market for the finished good.