The objective Bhavishya is economic empowerment of underprivileged rural women, girls and other weaker sections of the society mainly through the medium of Handicrafts. Our scope of activities include creating skill development workshops and training programs on handicrafts, marketing and retailing products from rural artisans, building craft communities to sustain livelihood, organising cultural events, exhibitions, hobby clubs to create awareness about crafts and collaborate with various government agencies and corporate to generate resources and achieve common goals.

Bhavishya focus on three key areas: rural livelihood creation - poverty eradication ; education - quality education to rural underprivileged girls ; promotion of traditional handicraft to improve social and economic status of rural artisans

Our Mission
To improve the livelihood of rural Indians in a socially, culturally, and economically sustainable manner
To promote handicrafts as a means for employment generation, especially for underprivileged and rural women
To create a global marketplace for rural artisans so as to improve their social and economic status
To create awareness about handicrafts through various forums: bring affordable handicrafts to common people


Sustainable Business

The second important step is to help them set up their own businesses by providing the initial support such as raw material, boutique shop, sewing machines, handicraft shops, etc.


Marketing Support

The third step to provide the market linkage to sell their products in local as well as international Market. Organize buyer seller meet to understand the ongoing market trend.


Craft is an economic resource available with a large number of people living in rural areas. It can be used to improve their socio-economic condition, and thus prevent their migration to urban areas. Bhavishya is a non profit organozation based in India and Germany, functioning as a social enterprise. Founded in 2015, Bhavishya is committed to promote Indian crafts, by focusing on innovation and creativity. We work in close collaboration with the master weavers, NGOs. It aims to develop crafts based enterprises and explore new and commercially sustainable models of livelihood generation. Bhavishya is supported by various government and international organizations.



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